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Inbound Recruitment or How to Attract Candidates

At a glance, finding a sufficient number of high-quality employers may sound extremely difficult these days. The months to come are likely to cool the labour market slightly. There will be fewer new positions formed among employers than in recent years and the situation will be less stressful. However, if you have lacked the number of candidates in the past few years and you’ve been waiting for the market to cool hoping this will be the right time for candidates to start chasing you down, you will be disappointed.

The thing is, if you have not changed your mindset about recruitment and failed to update your HR strategy, it is likely that the market has made progress with which you cannot keep up. Just imagine how many things have happened in the past three years with respect to the development of economy, employment rate, technologies, data, and social networks, and how you have considered all these changes in the hiring process of your company. Not only the candidates’ behaviour has changed, but also their way of thinking about jobs and selection of a new employer. Therefore, the market cooling is not likely to save your company, as candidates have moved elsewhere, started communicating on other platforms and finding their jobs via other sources.


Do you not believe this? If so, how is it possible that certain companies in the Czech Republic have no hiring problems and the number of applications of quality candidates is high?


The difference is made by well-established and functioning Inbound Recruitment. Have you not heard about Inbound Recruitment? Generally, with respect to recruitment, we distinguish between Inbound and Outbound Recruitment. Inbound means that candidates contact you themselves and it defines activities developed by the company to attract candidates and to convince candidates to want to work for such a company. As opposed to that, Outbound Recruitment means you are the ones contacting candidates and attempt to convince them with your offer as with sourcing, for instance.


In other words, if your Inbound Recruitment is well-established and functioning, it will be substantially easier for you to find the staff you need, as your activities are monitored by candidates who wish to work for you. There are still many companies who have not become aware of the existence of Inbound Recruitment. That’s why we have decided to introduce this topic in more detail at EVOLVE! Masterclass, the yearly practical recruitment training taking place in Brno this year with a trainer who is an expert in his field, Bill Boorman from Great Britain.


Bill belongs among the main personalities of world recruitment; he helps every year the leading brands all over the world set their recruitment strategies and he will introduce a training to the Czech Republic designed specially for us.


Bill will explain to you how the candidates’ behaviour on the market has changed, how their habits have changed, and what it all means for you being employers. He will teach you how to use the newest applications that allow you to monitor candidates’ behaviour better and to understand it, but that also allow you to communicate with them on the same platform where the candidates have transferred. You will plunge into learning how to do the job listing, which information it should contain, and how to ensure optimal recruitment experience for candidates. Learn how to present your content as well as create it. Bill will introduce you to the area of storytelling, currently the most efficient method of presenting your content to candidates. And finally, you will learn how to combine all these areas in practice to create a harmonic complex not only able to attract the candidate’s attention, but able to convince the candidate to contact you.

Bill will show you case studies from all over the world, so that you can get inspired by world-leading brands, which have been focusing on Inbound Recruitment for a long time. You will be able to practise all of that right there and then, so that you can apply the knowledge acquired to your business the next day.


The training is not only designed for recruiters, but for all HR specialists, HR marketing and sourcing specialists. Managers hiring new colleagues for their teams will benefit from this training, too.


Mark the date 10 April 2019, Hotel Barceló Brno Palace, in your diaries. We look forward to meeting you!




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