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Recap of Masterclass 2019 with Bill Boorman

Last week was a week of Storytelling and Employer Branding in Brno. Another EVOLVE! Masterclass came to Brno this time and brought the latest insights on storytelling and employer branding. The recruitment training was delivered by a recruitment guru Bill Boorman who consults some of the global brands in employer branding.
It is impossible to share the full content from this workshop but it is possible share some great quotes of the day, so here we go:

“Employer brand is not what you wish to be but what others think you are.“
“Some companies’ employer brand is like a hotel with a fancy lobby but if you walk deeper inside the rooms you realise it’s a crap.“
“Be honest with audience, never pretend or lie.“
“Yes, you might lose some candidates by being open and honest with what is inside your company but they would not stay anyway.“
“Credibility of a story connects sometimes more to a storyteller than the story itself.“
“To make the story believable it needs to be true.“
“Build a company where creating and sharing stories does not need any permission by management or marketing department.“
“If you let your employees share their stories without any censorship, those will be authentic stories about your company.“
“You do not need to teach your employees to tell stories, all of them tell stories every day in their private life.“
“Companies are supertankers, they change slowly, but people are agile by nature.“
“Most powerful stories are the ones that share knowledge and enable the audience to learn.“
“Share knowledge relevant and useful to your community.“
“Same story may result in different reactions when approached by different audiences.“
“Pictures and videos move faster in your community than just words. People have visual brains.“
“Concentrate more on how you make the audience feel. Emotions last longer.“
“There is not a bad culture only a bad culture fit.“
“Finding people is easy, engaging them is difficult.“
So what is your story then?