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Sourcing is becoming more and more valuable part of recruitment

Lately, you have probably read everywhere, that CZ is lacking workforce, that there are just not enough workers and that local companies are facing some tough times ahead. Well, I don´t think it is as bad as some newspaper headlines try to make it to be. We can agree that the workforce has not vanished nor disappeared.

It simply means that all people that want to work are working already, therefore there is just a minimum amount of people in the so called active Talent Pool (those, who are actively searching for a job and monitor the potential employer´s offers themselves). The opposite is passive Talent Pool, which is made of already employed people, who are not actively searching for a job and to a certain extent are actually happy at their current employment, yet they are willing to consider interesting job offers that come along their way.

The important takeaway from this is the fact that while people from the passive Talent Pool are not actively monitoring the job offers on the market, it does not mean that it is impossible to entice them to work for your company.

Recruitment evolution

Is it necessary to still split the candidates into these groups, nowadays? Isn´t recruitment similar to politics, where the right wing – left wing division doesn´t work anymore? Why shall we still split the candidates into those actively searching and those not actively searching, when one of these groups essentially does not exist anymore?

The past few years have radically transformed several occupational fields. Recruitment remained rigid for quite some time, however, the long coming evolution has arrived after all. There are new fields and recruitment methods emerging, the mindset of companies is changing and there are also the ever present modern technologies. Modern recruiters realized that it is not smart to wait until a candidate falls into their lap, but they have to actively search for the right candidates and most importantly get their attention.  

The active search for a candidate is the focus of the increasingly popular recruitment stage called sourcing. This relatively new discipline describes the recruiter´s activity of searching for candidates that meet the criteria of designated position within the region and with desired specialization.

Some companies finish the sourcing activities with a list of such candidates, called the longlist, that is taken over by a recruiter. Other companies have their sourcing departments responsible for the first contact with the candidate. Some companies make sourcing a job task of the recruiter but it is more and more common to have specialized positions focusing on this task and these colleagues are usually referred to as Sourcer or Researcher.

Smart data use

Sourcing can take place offline, which usually means that someone picks up the phone and calls the reception desk of a company and tries to figure out who is who and get their phone number. However, it is most often connected to the constantly growing online world.

According to IBM research, 90% of the world data has been created within the last two years. This data can be regarded by the recruiter as a digital trace that each one of us leaves behind in our everyday life. Have you ever tried to Google some of your personal information? If your answer is yes, then you might have been surprised by the scope of hits you have received. Or go ahead and try this link – you might be surprised as to what information Google has gathered about you.

In other words, each and every one of us is easily searchable these days, including contact details, all you need to know is how to use the Internet (especially Google) and ask the right questions. Such data is commonly used by various retail companies in order to be able to better target their customers. These principals are lately incorporated in to the world of recruitment.

Sourcing specialist in Czechia

Let´s not make sourcing look like a „hacking“ activity where the gathered information is obtained illegally.

Sourcing is focused on effective use of publicly available information. However, I agree that even sourcing has few individuals that might have crossed over to the dark side and their activities are making people uneasy about their ethics, however I am not going to waste my time on these people because personally, I don´t even consider them to be sourcers.

Sourcing is still relatively new discipline within our region, even though USA has known sourcing since the nineties and hence the most notable professionals in this field come from there, helping to shape the area and set new trends. One of these people is Mark Tortorici, that has been active in the field for over 20 years and he is currently passing his skills and knowledge onto new generation of sourcers.

His trainings are popular and renowned for his ability to explain such complicated and complex issues in an easy and understandable manner so everyone is able to follow. I can personally attest to this as I had the opportunity to attend Mark´s training in Amsterdam and his ability to teach is truly exceptional.

April will be an exciting month for European sourcing as Mark Tortorici is having his trainings nearby. We all have a unique opportunity to see Mark live. He is coming on April 17th for a full day training called EVOLVE! Masterclass in Budapest and on April 19th in Prague.

If you are a professional in the area of recruitment, let that be a Hiring Manager, Recruiter or Sourcer and you want to learn most of the modern sourcing techniques within one day, this event is a must-go for you.