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In our line of business, evolving is essential. As a team of recruiters, we are very much aware of this. That’s why we organize events to help our fellow professionals to do just that. EVOLVE with us.

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We care about your development

There are only three weeks remaining in the countdown for the sourcing training of the year! Mark Tortorici, one of the biggest names in the world of sourcing, is bringing along his training that is appraised worldwide by companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and others.

Whether you are just beginning your candidate searching journey or you are an experienced sourcer, this event is a must in your development plan!

We have noticed more and more requests for group tickets in the past few weeks. There are companies who would like to enroll their whole teams. Some of them, however, have a limited budget for education and they are asking for help on how to choose one or two “lucky ones” that will pass the knowledge obtained at the training further on to the team. It is difficult to say as we don’t know the development plans of those employees or the overall company strategy. In addition, the training will be very hands-on, so it would definitely be beneficial for the whole team to attend. But we are well aware that sometimes, the budget cannot be compromised.


The basic idea behind the EVOLVE! Masterclass is to further develop the skills and knowledge of recruiters and sourcers, and we often try to remove the barrier to entry, which can be present in the form of a limited budget. We run various contests, where people can win a free ticket to the Masterclass. This year, however, we have decided to push the limit even further and we have agreed to introduce a special offer for companies with bigger teams, in the form of an opportunity to send three attendees for the price of two.

In summary, if you purchase two tickets, you can bring another colleague for free.

We believe that this step demonstrates our willingness to support companies with bigger teams, and maybe it will be you, reading this text, who will be added to the list of attendees, taking the recruiting market to the next level.


Your EVOLVE! team 🦁