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Why EVOLVE! Masterclass came to existence and what are this year’s plans?

This April marks exactly one year since the EVOLVE! Family welcomed a new member – EVOLVE! Masterclass. If you are active in the field of recruitment, you probably came across the greatest conference in Central Europe focused on the news and trends in the area of recruitment and sourcing called the EVOLVE! Summit. This conference has quickly gained the attention across our market. Over 400 recruiters and hiring managers from Central and Eastern Europe attended the conference in 2017.

At the dawn of 2016, our organization team was thinking hard about how to push the limits of recruitment and we came up with an idea to create an educational concept devoted to headhunters or really anyone, who is involved in the recruitment process.

In April 2017 we launched EVOLVE! Masterclass that brings hands-on training to recruiters in the form of a day long workshop with limited seats.

Our goal is to enrich these trainings with the best and most distinctive people from the global recruitment and sourcing that significantly influence the field itself.

Last year we welcomed Greg Savage, a legend in the area of recruiting and we organized our first two EVOLVE! Masterclasses in Prague and Bratislava. Both workshops counted about 50 attendees from 6 European countries. The positive feedback empowered us to keep on organizing these one day hands-on workshops as they are well received in the market.

We have understandably thought long and hard about who to invite to EVOLVE! Masterclass 2018 and as we wanted to shift the focus of this year’s event to sourcing, meaning how to search and reach out to the candidates, we have decided to introduce the best of the best – Mark Tortorici.

Mark is a leading persona in the world of global sourcing and he has been in the field of sourcing and recruiting for over 20 years, he has coached thousands of sourcers in firms such as Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo and Ebay. Mark has introduced many new techniques and approaches that are widely used today and he regularly enriches the field with his thought-provoking ideas and he also gives speeches at professional conferences such as SourceCon, ERE or Sourcing Summit. Mark is also well known for his ability to break down the most complicated talent acquisition tactics for his audience. It is an honor to be able to provide the opportunity to recruiters from Central and Eastern Europe to “experience” his trainings.

There is plenty to be excited about. Mark arrives to Budapest on April 17th and he will be in Prague on the 19th bringing along the newest talent acquisition techniques. The attendees in both cities can look forward to a day long training session that will cover most of the tools and techniques of current sourcing. Mark will walk us through various individual tools and „browser extensions“ that each and every sourcer should have on his/her computer. He will show us how to automate them so they constantly keep on searching for the most interesting profiles in the market or so they are able to spot the moment the candidate is getting ready to look for a new job opportunity.

We will discover that it is still a valuable skill to be able to write aBoolean String“ and we will show the change in the writing logic due to the ever changing new „Search Engines“ used by the web browsers. We will also discuss “Natural Language Search“ which is still used by only very few sourcers in our local market. The program will of course cover the newest tricks for searching on LinkedIn, Facebook and other social media. We will learn how to start searching by using hashtags and how to narrow individual searches by using the operators. We will go through how to get the contact details of the candidates, how to search for other publicly available data in order to know as much as possible before reaching out to them. Next we will discuss the techniques used to search within specific target groups or websites, or how to spot talent in various professional organizations or networks.

In order to reach the maximum hands-on potential of the Masterclass we have included three „Lab/Exercise Sessions“ into the program, where we will practice the techniques on the spot.

It is therefore recommended to bring your laptop. And if you are not in a rush to go home in the evening, we will all have an opportunity to go for a beer with Mark and continue the discussions through the night.

The program is curated in a way that colleagues that just dipped their toes into sourcing will benefit from it as well as our experienced colleagues who will receive many new thought provoking ideas. Overall, the training is suitable for anyone involved in the recruiting process – sourcers, hiring managers, as well as recruiters. If you are a recruiter who is not showered by CVs automatically and you are actively searching for the candidates, this training is not to be missed.

If you are placed anywhere within the recruitment process, this is a unique opportunity to develop your skills and reach candidates that the rest of the market will not be able to. This one day will give you as much knowledge as is otherwise cumulated over months or even years. This event is a must! Make sure to reserve your seat.